Sunrise Cruise

Sunrise Cruise


There are few things that make getting up before sunrise worthwhile, and our one-of-a-kind Morning Cruise is definitely one of them. The ambiance and serenity that plays out in the early morning hours is truly magical. Marvel at the sheer beauty of the mirror-like waters on the Zambezi, its awakening spirit and the enchanting colours. 

The curse of the premature alarm and time in general are quickly forgotten as you float along the river without any other in sight. As you drift our expert guides will seek out sightings of animals and birds emerging into the new day. 

We shouldn’t be biased, but this is definitely one of our favourite experiences. Just like on safari, getting up early in Africa always rewards as this is when wildlife is most active, the colours of the sky seduce the warmth of the sun and the fresh air breathes life into the new day. 

While you welcome a new day surrounded by the beauty of nature, a Continental or English breakfast will be served. This cruise is especially  rewarding for bird enthusiasts with our Captains exceptionally well versed in identifying the resident varieties, and early mornings the best time to spot the hundreds of species that call the Zambezi home. 

You can choose between a small private cruise on our Kalunda (Continental Breakfast, for 2-6 pax) or a cruise on the Zambezi Reflections (Continental or English Breakfast, 6-24 pax).


  • Magical Atmosphere in The Morning
  • Delicious Breakfast Freshly Prepared
  • Unbelievable Bird Sightings



Continental Breakfast - US$55.00

English Breakfast - US$65.00


6.00am – 8.00am (on request between 5.30am – 10.00am)


2 hrs

Min / Max Pax

2/6 (Kalunda)
6/28 (Zambezi Reflections)


Return Transfers

Continental (Morning Cruise) Or English Breakfast (Breakfast Cruise)



US$10 National Park Fees Per Person

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